The goal of fundraising is to make money, right?


Pay for your photobooth

by offering a

Photobooth sponsorship package!

A Photobooth sponsor is a great way to decrease the cost of including a photobooth at your fundraiser! It benefits you by offsetting the cost and allows the sponsor to gain extra exposure! However, many organizations have questions about how or why they would acquire such sponsorship.

What is a Photobooth sponsorship?

A photobooth sponsorship is when an individual or company underwrites the cost of using the photobooth and images from the photobooth for the organization’s fundraising campaigns. This can be either a year round sponsorship or an event sponsorship.

Who should you ask to be a Photobooth sponsor?

  • Tap into local companies that are already giving: Consider asking for sponsorships from companies that are already making an in-kind donation to your event. They already know about and believe in your cause and may have more money to spend if you are able to offer advertising opportunities!

  • Ask your board to see if they have connections that would be willing to sponsor.Your board members have personal and business relationships but they either don’t know how to ask or don’t feel comfortable. Provide them with the resources they need to successfully recruit a photobooth sponsor by including information about cost and logo placement. Then give them a central contact to direct their potential sponsors to for questions and to sign up.

  • Reach out to companies in your community that might have a great social presence or would be interested in expanding their social presence. :

  • Request from vendors that support your organization! You have an existing business relationship with them and they understand the importance of exposure to help draw in new customers or clientele!

How do you leverage our benefits?

Most sponsors will want recognition before, during or after your event in exchange for their sponsorship. The benefit of this sponsorship is that their logo will be added as a watermark on the bottom of each image. Any time the images are shared on social media, through your gallery, in your annual report or any newsletters, this company will gain exposure to any eyes that view them. 

Should you choose to do so, we can list "presented by: XYZ Co." on the top of the gallery page.